In teoria è su, però è ugualmente interessante


#1 When will it be available? domain launch, or for that matter, all @live.XX, will be launched in their countries in the fall. 

#2 What will happen to my current @hotmail addr? Will it be migrated?

NO, all @hotmail addresses will remain intact and they will all function just like today.  There will be no migration for email addresses.  For instance, even I have today, that won't guarantee me It's on a first come first serve basis.

#3 Can I sign up for a address in Canada?

No, you will only be able to sign up for a address.

#4 Say I sign up for a new domain, can I migrate my existing data from @hotmail to the new @live address?

You will be able to migrate all your contact information into the new account, but there are a few things that will stay with the existing account, such as: Windows Live Spaces contents (photos, blogs, etc), your emails, subscription status (hotmail plus or premium), association with other products (Favourites, OneCare, etc).

#5 Is there a reservation system that I could sign up for the address in advance?

No,  nothing is in plan right now. 

#6 Will I still be able to signup for new addresses after becomes available?

Yes, most definitely.

#7 Is Windows Live releasing any other products at the same time to go along with

Yes, we will be releasing a rich family of products at around that time, keep checking back this blog or visit and for the most updated information.

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