A definition of Trust that is useful in practice

In software development and project management :
sometime trust can be defined as loyalty, commitment, effort, predictability, obedience, sacrifice and sometime with keeping a word or keeping a secret.
Many of those are desirable qualities while they are not necessarily useful in a work relationship.

The kind of trust that can make an organization more effective is:

knowledge of the capability of a person-team-department from memories of past experiences .

Trust is a form of knowledge inside a relationship that can be gradually achieved through direct experience and exploration. So lack of trust is lack of knowledge.
This definition of trust enable the organization to learn what can be done and what not, what can be achieved and what not, who can achieve what.
And enable to search meaningful answers for important questions like:
  • When there is not such trust, what actions can be taken to build it?

  • When there is trust on the team capacity and yet more capacity is needed, what actions can be taken?

and find answer that are effective for an organization and respect the professionalism and the people.


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