dicembre 2011 Blog Posts

Ruby closure scope and other ideas

In Ruby you can have closures with a Block, a Proc or a Lambda. They are very similar and have subtle differences. I've found this article very clear to me: Understanding Ruby Blocks, Procs and Lambdas In short, for what I understood, Blocks cannot have parameters and ( http://pastie.org/3107157 ) cannot be stored while Procs can like Lambdas. Blocks cannot execute a return statement, Procs can and the calling method will return, Lambdas can too and simply return the value to the calling method. Here are the scope examples with Blocks: http://www.pastie.org/3099991 with Procs: http://www.pastie.org/3099995 ...

Versione di #tweeeeeeeeeet per tweet in italiano, vuoi beta-testarla ?

Sto lavorando al una versione di  #Tweeeeeeeeeet capace di abbreviare anche i tweet scritti in Italiano. Se scrivi tweetti in Italiano e i 140 caratteri ti stanno spesso stretti, contattami se hai voglia di beta-testarla. La versione in inglese in alfa/beta é on-line:   #Tweeeeeeeeeet

Twitter Ninja technique: shorten your longest tweeeeeeeeeet with 1-click

Do you find your thoughts cramped in 140 characters sometime ? Do you sometime find yourself writing an incredibly long tweeeeeeeeeet ? Then you need to know this new ninja technique, try it on-line: #Tweeeeeeeeeet Is in beta: send your feedback to make it better And the source code? More at  https://github.com/lucaminudel/tweeeeeeeeeet/

Prepare to be surprised

Let's experiment, explore the unknowns and prepare to be surprised by unexpected results and to be open to evaluate all the possible explanations  -  Or we will possibly miss even our own maybe fortuitous discoveries and inventions. Perhaps the only thing better for a scientist than finding the crucial piece of a puzzle that completes a picture is finding a piece that doesn't fit at all, and tells us that there is a whole new part of the puzzle that we haven't even imagined yet and the scene in the puzzle is bigger,...

Øredev 2011 what I've learned

One of the bes computer programming technology conference I've been with lot of international speaker and where you can get a sense of the Scandinavian programmers talent, initiative and innovative spirit. What I've learned and I will try to apply ? Before my memories vanish, let's take a note. Only your mom wants to use your website Keynote from one of the founders of Reedit A success story about the possibilities for an entrepreneur in Internet, limited only by the fantasy The users driven product development (1 year release plans are for dinosaurs doomed...

XP Days Benelux 2011, what lessons I've learned and I'll reuse

One of the best Agile Conference of the year as usual, XP Days Benelux. What I've learned and I will try to apply ? I should answer this question and log the answer for every conference I attend. Overall I met two ideas cross different sessions: focus on understanding the problem before rushing to search for a solution don't relay only to intuition to find a solution. look at data and do experiments A War Story of the Rise and Fall of an "Agile" Company Focus on understanding the problem A...

A sorpresa una mia intervista su .NET Rocks!

  Durante la conferenza Øredev 2011 ho fatto una chiacchierata con Carl Franklin e Richard Campbell di .NET Rocks! Con piacevole sorpresa ho scoperto che l'intervista é stata pubblicata qui: Cool Projects at Oredev Non vedo una mia grande carriera come ospite radiofonico, in ogni caso una bella esperienza :)))