Memo for a better customer discovery

Here I annotate some keywords from topics related to customers and how software provide value to them.
For further investigations, learning.
Maybe a Product Owner course could help here.

Scrum prescribe that
  • Product backlog items should be prioritized and the priority is driven by risk, value, and necessity.
  • Product backlog items have also an estimate of the effort required to turn the each into a potentially shippable functionality 
  • Product Owner is the one and only person responsible for ensuring the value of the work the Team performs
  • Product Owner for commercial development may be the product manager. For in-house development could be the manager of the business function that is being automated.
Note also that the effort, in whatever unit of work have been decided, is proportional to the time required to implement the item. The item is implemented when it meet the definition of "done" of the team.

Notes collected from various reading
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