Versioning (2)

In order to reduce the costs, visible and hidden ones, of giving support for previous versions:

   Microsoft have tried hard many years to push his customers to use the latest versions of his software products as Visual Basic, Visual Studio and related technologies.

When can you simplify here ? And how ?

Versioning can be simplified for every module (assembly, jar, dll, exe, binaries in general, excluding executables as web-applications, services and web-services) that actually is used only by a partners or by a software develoment team inside your organization and in general by everyone that, from his code-build-test-deploy environment, can and actually do always access and use the last official version of the module.

In this case only support for the last official version is needed.

This case holds true most of the time, if you are versioning modules, there are good chances that's unnecessary complexity.
E.g. this simplification is always possible for in-house sw development where C.I. is used properly.

Do you agree?
Where/When have you found module versioning useful ?

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