Scrum: Roles & Responsibilities

Product Owner
► Prioritizes features according to market value
► Is responsible for the profitability of the product (ROI)
► Defines the features of the product and decides on release content
► Can change features and priority after every Sprint
► Accepts or rejects work results

► Ensures that the team is fully functional and productive
► Enables close cooperation across all roles and functions and removes barriers
► Shields the team from external interferences
► Ensures that the process is followed. Invites to daily scrum, Sprint review and planning meetings

► Cross-functional, seven plus/minus two members
► Selects the iteration goal and specifies work results
► Has the right to do everything within the boundaries of the project guidelines to reach the Sprint goal
► Organizes itself and its work
► Demos work results to the Product Owner

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Gravatar # re: Scrum: Roles & Responsibilities
by LudovicoVan at 17/06/2009 00:08

Quindi Analisi la fa il Project Owner. La cosa mi lascia alquanto perplesso, perche' il PO e' una figura manageriale, non tecnica: ma evito di dilungarmi oltre. Grazie in ogni caso per la risposta.

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