“Don't bring me problems,bring me solutions." Really?!?! - Obstacles

“The thought that disaster is impossible often leads to an unthinkable disaster.”
Gerald M. Weinberg

Modern managers want to encourage teams and team members to solve problems on their own, they ask them to come prepared with solutions, not just problems.

Sometime this goes too far, and I hear managers full of good intentions saying “Don't bring me problems, bring me solutions!”
Team members don’t bring to their managers obstacles that they know how to fix and believe they can solve.

They approach their managers with obstacles that:
  1. they don’t know how to solve
  2. they need some help to solve
  3. they don’t have the organisational influence and authority to solve
  4. are more than problems to solve, are directions that need to change

Esther Derby suggests that ignoring that facts, forces problems underground and makes failure more likely. I've seen that happen many times.

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