Does the nature of a problem constrain the possible transitions between Cynefin domains?

This is the tweet stream of the conversation.

We know that the Cynefin framework helps to deal with a seemingly complex problem, define different domains and help to find in what domain a problem belong. Finally for each domain the framework identify the appropriate decision models and approaches.

We also know that Agile practices, and other interventions suggested for each domain, move things between domains possibly causing a transition from one Cynefin domain to another one. Indeed Cynefin is also about the dynamics between domains.

Q1 - I wonder if the nature or the structure of a problem (or a system) constrains the transitions that are possible between domains for that problem?

For example given a NK Network and the degrees of freedom that we have in tweaking N and K we can see which transitions are possible for that network. Given a  specific defined complex feature to be implemented, can we similarly understand from its nature or structure if a Sprint can break down the development into complicated iterative increments?
Or given a specific organization  can we similarly understand if the Kauffman/Macready patch approach of breaking the organization in "patches" or units can work and help the company to improve?

Q2 - Is there any (patterns?) book or article that for common nature and structure of problems do define possible dynamics and transitions between the Cynefin domains?

Suggestions from the Tweets stream tell that for mathematically defined dynamical systems the Lyapunov exponent i.e. can be used to evaluate the stability of the system. And also point out that it's not the Cynefin scope to define a computational model of a socially complex system.

Q3 - Also from tweets stream come the interesting question:  can narratives research, SenseMaker and Cynefin applied to Agile practices advise on decisions like what transitions are likely or possible?

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