Dealing with uncertainty, unknowns, risks and change: Contextual fitness for purpose

Contextual fitness for purpose

Traditional tools (intended as skills, practices, organization of work) used to deal with software products and projects originate from the industrial-age where communication was very limited.

The new tools Lean & Agile add to the toolbox originates from the information-age where a large communication bandwidth and a short response-time create the dynamic environment we are living in, where unpredictability, uncertainty, interdependency reach a new level.

The good set of practices and a proper organization of the work for each product/project is determined by the characteristic of each specific product/project. This is why it's important to know and understand both the tools from the industrial-age and the tools from the information-age, to know understand experience and master practices from different methodologies and then being able to identify a good mix of tools that work well for each context.

This approach is called contextual fitness for purpose as  opposed to the  one-size-fits-all approaches.

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