Keyboard Jedi on Windows7 64-bit

After some work finally got the Keyboard Jedi 1.5 tool by Roy Osherove to work on Windows 7 64-bit.

Had to use the last version,, of the Global System Hooks library by Michael Kennedy from here: 

Then did as described by James  Kovacs here:
to force it to run at 32 bit and to reference the new version of the Global System Hooks library.

Download it from here:
This build requires the .NET Framework 4.0, you can repeat the steps described here, using the original exe, in ordert to build it with a different framework version.
Last touch, when you are running Visual Studio as administrator, also Keyboard Jedi needs to be run as administrator.

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Gravatar # re: Keyboard Jedi on Windows7 64-bit
by Agouti at 09/11/2012 9.36

Thanks, that worked a treat!

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