Are you good enough to fail ?!?!

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.

When I see a mediocre team, a mediocre software department and I talk with the CTO and key peoples I usually understand that actually they are not failing at all. Instead they are just succeeding to reach a mediocre goal.

This kind of success can kill you :)

I read often that failure is a necessary investment to learn and innovate.
Indeed successful challenges goes through three phases, it start with hope, in the middle there are negative emotions while seeking in vain for a way out from the toughest problems until failure and learning bring good insights and lead to the confidence phase.

There is a popular story about Thomas Watson, founder of IBM, once asked an executive who had failed on his assignment, a mistake that cost the company $10 million. The man reported to the IBM chief prepared for the worst. “I guess you called me in to fire me,” he said on entering Watson’s office.
“Fire you!” exclaimed Watson, “We just spent $10 million as part of your education!”

Brain and skills are like muscles, it is possible to develop them with exercise and training and practice.
Working hard will just make people smarter, not more vulnerable.
After all no one laughs at babies because they cannot walk. And every smart and curious person in every moment of his life is a beginner in something.

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There is no good at all in succeeding to reach a mediocre goal, it is time to raise the bar.

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