Sulla persuasione (Selling Scrum)

     Uno che vende numeri del Lotto invece di giocarseli mi lascia perplesso tanto quanto uno che vuole venderti "Scrum" invece di prodursi buon software - nonostante il titolo questo post sulla persuasione l'ho trovato utile : Selling Scrum: How to persuade people to change!

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But if you are in a position to give instructions or give orders, you cannot do this unless you have a lot of confidence about what you are saying. However, people's ideas are unreliable things and I would be impressed if we were right half the time.


... We are all human and we are wrong half of the time. You may give the wrong orders to your subordinates. Since we are all human, half of what your subordinates have to say may be right.


So in the end, having a sense of humility is one of the conditions for developing strong powers of persuasion.

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