Informatica e Design 2° (Brian Eno)

L'area di intersezione tra informatica e design è in continua espansione.

In termini di prodotti, tecnologie e applicazioni e anche designer e artisti digitali che sconfinano nella programmazione e programmatori che si dedicano a prodotti informatici di design e artistici

La potenzialità che intravedo riguarda la possibilità che programmatori possano scoprie da designer e artisti digitali come lavorare e come affrontare in team problemi in modo creativo e anche contribuire in termini di metodologie e pratiche di programmazione

Naturalmente i team agili sono i candidati ideali avendo nel loro nucleo gli aspetti di creatività esplorazione dinamiche di team

Brian Eno è un precursore geniale di questo trend
Un interessante articolo che parla di lui e del suo approccio creativo alla tecnologia:

Alcune frasi che mi colpiscono

The first art school I went to was a very, very unique and interesting one...
... It was a center for creative behavior really;

And then the first main project was that the students were put in pairs, and each pair of students had to invent a game

...the whole accent of the course was on working with other people; you could act alone if you wanted, but the accent was on group dynamics and how people worked together. In fact, we went into that in quite considerable depth, about how you got things done in groups and what sort of behavior tended to be counterproductive and so on. It was all very useful.

I didn't know that I wanted to do music until I'd been at art school for about three years, although I'd been fooling with electronics and tape recorders since I was about fifteen...

I'm very good with technology, I always have been, and machines in general. They seem to me not threatening like other people find them but a source of great fun and amusement, like grown up toys really.

You can either take the attitude that it has a function and you can learn how to do it, or you can take the attitude that it's just a black box that you can manipulate any way you want.

And that's always been the attitude I've taken, which is why I had a lot of trouble with engineers, because their whole background is learning it from a functional point of view, and then learning how to perform that function.

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