Negoziare: alcuni suggerimenti utili

Preso da un post di Sameer Penakalapati : Why negotiation skills are so critical in personal and professional life? here is what you should know. Mi risulta naturale raggruppare così i suggerimenti che da:

1. Always go for 'win-win' negotiation, keeping everything neutral (emotions, egoism etc.)
2. Understand your fair interest and the interest of the person you are with negotiation
8. Show your inerest to open for new ideas

6. A good negotiation leaves a future merit for a business relationship, or even a good friedship
9. Treat everyone involved in the negotiaton with great respect
10. Thank every one at the end of the negotiation, no matter if you made a deal or not

Gestione del conflitto
3. If you are a buyer and in negotiation with a seller on an offer/point of a discusion, always support with some benchmark or reference, it's easy for the negotiation
4. If both parties are not comfortable with the negotiation, take a time to come back later as it leaves both parties time to think
5. Avoid confrontation at any stage of negotiation
7. Keep your negotiation not more than half-an hour to an hour at a stretch, take a break, it gives some time to think through it before you reopen the discussion

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