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Product Owner role
Confessions of a serial #ProductOwner, based on a true story by Anna Forss link
RT @RonJeffries: We don't want a Product Owner. We want a Product Champion. link
#ProductOwner  Embrace Uncertainty by Jeff Patton link
Many key success factors for IT projects I worked with,very well explained in "Agile Product Ownership in a nutshell" link
5) Don’t know what I want, but I know how to get it: link

RT ‏@lgoncalves 20 Product Owner Anti Patterns link #scrum #coaching #agile #productowner
An example of expected skills set for a Product Owner about Product Development: link
Obliquity, another key skill for Product Owners :  link

User Stories
Patterns for Splitting User Stories link

RT @giusdesimone: @ralfhh: @rslawrence: Just published a new story splitting resource, "How to Split a User Story" flowchart:  link
#ProductOwner How to split a user story link

#xpitlondon Elephant Capaccio exercise facilitated by @xpmatteo link

Payroll is all or nothing right ? A forgot lesson about incremental releases: link

RT @StefanRoock: User Stories are about conversations. link

#ProductDevelopment. In solitude/isolation. Or as an interactive/iterative live performance act w/ an audience of real users/stakeholders

We are not limited by what we don't know. We are limited by what we incorrectly think to know and what we don't even imagine we do not know

The principles and laws and lemmas of sw requirements from sw engineering : #requirements

RT @Keinze: @lukadotnet Everyone should read your collection of requirements principles link

RT @sigsoft: "Walking on water and developing software from a spec are easy if both are frozen", Ed Berard. Agile & Requirements Engineering

Every project initially is based on unvalidated assumptions that are presented as requirements: link and link

Gradual discovery and motivated confidence over the illusion of power and control 
The faster the target is moving,the more increasing inspect-adapt frequency is beneficial/advantageous/profitable over perfecting the plan link link
Are we creating better products? Are we executing vision faster? Are we spotting and exploiting opportunities sooner? If not, why?
Good software design decisions lead to more future-proof,easy-to-maintain systems & are well aligned w/ business requirements -@siebertlubbe
#Lean recognize both unknowns, uncertainties & what cannot be measured i.e. in the principles:Deliver as fast as possible,Amplify learning

2nd red pill: sensing unknowns uncertainties and the unexpected over what is known, and explore them

3rd red pill:be aware of inherent ambiguities,incomplete info,fragmented realities,multiplicity of pnt of views.And strive for understanding

RT @drunkcod: "If you have more than 3 priorities then you don't have any." -Jim Collins

You literally ought to be asking yourself all the time what's the most important thing in the world I could be working on right now
... and if you are not working on that why aren't you? -- Aaron Swartz
"It requires more experience, discipline and skill to forgo a quick win today in favour of being in a better place tomorrow" - @patforna

(Low) costs of generating alternatives, experimenting & iterating enable a new product development approach & new management style #Agility

Patience to conduct routine business routinely, talent to respond exceptionally to exceptional circumstances, wisdom to know the difference

Former tweet an excerpt from Business stripped bare by Richard Branson, link

Good software design decisions lead to more future-proof,easy-to-maintain systems & are well aligned w/ business requirements -

Estimations and deadlines
RT @tastapod: The wonderful Allan Kelly: "We start with a ritual called estimation" link /via @qedtherese

An explorer is not defined by the kilometres he travels, but by the places he discovers. SW development is about exploring new possibilities

RT @fabioarmani: Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.  — Douglas Hofstadter

It is not possible to estimate what ... ?  link

How to assess, communicate and manage uncertainty and risk with Agility? link
RT @cyetain:
@lukadotnet The important estimates are the ones that point out where the uncertainty lies (2/2) @kjscotland
RT @henrikkniberg: When developing, I have only 3 feature sizes. Small (< 1 day). Medium (1-2 days). Large (too big, must be broken down).

A tight deadline is just a simple reassuring problem.The real&complex one is 'are we building the right product,will users/market like it?'

“making promises to deliver sw by December, when engineers had said it wouldn’t be ready until April" sound familiar? link
1) Promise something you can't honor 2) Finalize the sell 3) Delegate someone else to keep your promise. Mmmh  link

Estimation is Evil link & The #NoEstimates Movement link by