Stamane, al ritorno dalla Java Conference un collega ci ha spiegato in poche parole che il futuro di Java nel mondo web si chiama JSF. Avevo già sentito parlare di questo nuovo acronimo, ma ho voluto lo stesso andare a curiosare di cosa si trattasse. Ecco una faq dal sito

JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a framework for building web-based user interfaces in Java. Like Swing, it provides a set of standard widgets (buttons, hyperlinks, checkboxes, and so on), a model for creating custom widgets, a way to process client-generated events (like changing the value of a text box or clicking on a button), and excellent tool support. Since web-based applications, unlike their Swing cousins, must often appease multiple clients (desktop browsers, phones, PDAs, and so on), JSF has a powerful architecture for displaying components in different ways. It also has extensible facilities for validating input (like the length of a field) and converting objects to and from strings for display. Faces can also automatically keep your user interface components in sync with your business model objects.

Non so a voi, ma a me ricorda qualcosa.

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