This morning at TechEd Europe, we announced the introduction of "Express" editions of a number of Visual Studio tools and SQL Server. The Express products are lightweight, easy to use, easy to learn tools for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and students who want to build dynamic Windows applications and Web sites. We also announced the release of Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1.

The Express products consist of:

  • Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition, a lightweight tool for building dynamic Web sites and Web services
  • Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition, a streamlined programming tool for beginning programmers to learn how to build exciting Windows applications
  • Visual C# 2005 Express Edition, Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition, and Visual J# 2005 Express Edition, targeted programming tools for students and enthusiasts who wish to learn the fundamentals of computer science
  • SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, an entry-level database for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and students developers

Go here to download or find out more!

Lastly, a big "well done" to Andy Sterland, a Software Engineering undergraduate from the University of Hull. Andy had never done anything like this before; but he learnt the product from scratch in just over a week and did a fantastic job of demonstrating it as part of the official announcement.