Learning Smalltalk - Part 1

Byte Magazine, August 1981 cover with the actual balloon launch at PARC that celebrated the release of Smalltalk

Learning Smalltalk why ?

When you are ready to listen to the answer, the right question will naturally come

Here a list of possible good reasons:  Why Smalltalk?

My why to Smalltalk:
  • Reading Smalltalk code will give me access to a library of books and papers and articles from a smart group of people with bright insights and a deep understanding of computer programming: a lot of forgotten gold lessons that can still be a competitive advantage.
  • And also computer programming is old enough that knowing the history is useful to build the future. Call it, Back to the Future :-)

The complete series:
- Learning Smalltalk - Part 1 - Learning Smalltalk why ?
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- Learning Smalltalk - Part 3 - Innovative ideas originated from Smalltak
- Learning Smalltalk - Part 4 - Smart ideas from Smalltalk, forgotten and waiting to be re-invented
- Learning Smalltalk - Part 5 - Inspiring ideas from the Smalltalk community

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