Let's Self-Organise: 3 - Boundaries and barriers

I used to play football and basket games with friends in the afternoon after school. We formed 2 teams of the same size trying to fill all the basic roles required for the game. We were free to self-organise guided and constrained by boundaries/barriers (the size and the roles here).

Boundaries and barriers can be rigid or elastic, the elastic ones are more resilient. 

Boundaries and barriers  can originate from external factors (as company strategic decisions or policies or budget) or can be set by management in order to guide the team [1]. A manager can set goals and elastic barriers in order to:

         direct and influence the emergence of behaviors toward positive directions, amplify the emergence of beneficial behaviors and to reduce or revert the non beneficial ones [2].

[1] ABIDE model, an exercise: Barriers
[2] Monitoring and supporting the emergence of team dynamics toward positive directions


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