Technical Debt or Management Debt ?

From long time sw developers are used to discuss, analyze and try to avoid technical debt.

Are managers and sw project managers discussing about Management Debt as well ?

I annotate some form of Management Debt here:

  1. multitasking (*)
  2. lack of decision-making
  3. decision-making before the last responsible moment
  4. ignoring available data and info
  5. ignore feedback from real users or co-workers
  6. procrastinating release in production
  7. using metrics to control others people work  (#)
  8. using metrics to manage others (instead of  inspiring yourself)  (#)
  9. reward activity over production of real value
  10. inability to delegate, empower or trust properly
  11. retaining valuable information and share false information (lack of transparency)
  12. inability to accept that time and resources are limited and to prioritize
  13. create write-once, read-never schedules,  (*)
  14. weave a fairy tale of a Gantt chart, and invite other people to believe the schedule (*)
  15. hierarchies and bureaucracy
  16. micro-managing

(*) from Johanna Rothman
(#) from Tom DeMarco

If you come up with more examples on , just let me know !

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