What’s New in JavaScript Programming (ECMAScript 5)

The last update (December 2009) of the JavaScript dynamic typed language (ECMAScript 5)  evolve the language one step in the direction of the good parts.

The goals of this language update:
  • Don’t break the web
  • Improve the language for the users of the language
  • Third party security (mashups)
  • No new syntax
  • And a non-goal was “protect stupid people from themselves”
Here a complete list of the improvements: ECMAScript 5: What’s New in JavaScript Programming

Douglas Crockford explains the improvements in this presentation: ECMAScript 5: The New Parts (video)
And here the slides: ECMAScript 5: The New Parts (slides)

IE6 is still used today by a large portion of Internet surfers, this means that it wont be possible to use all the new features immediately. For sure not the getters and setters, not the security improvements, not some of the inconsistencies that has been eliminated from the language.
Still for a large number of the new methods a script can provide a custom implementation can be added to the old browser and this enable us to use those new methods that so will work both in the older browsers (a little slower) and in the new ones:

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