Intuito e visione d'insieme

Annotazioni rileggendo Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change, 2nd Ed. di Kent Beck.

"This is the paradigm for XP. Stay aware. Adapt. Change."

"The Theory of Constraints is a way of understanding systems and improving their throughput."

"The practices are  also useful because they give you a place to start. You can start writing tests
  before changing code, and gain benefit from doing so, long before you understand
  software development in a deeper way.Even if I knew all the same gardening
  practices as Paul, I still wouldn't be a gardener. Paul has a highly developed
  sense of what is good and bad about gardening. He can look at a whole garden
  get a gut sense of what's working and what isn't. Where I might be proud of my
  ability to correctly prune a branch, Paul might see that the whole tree should
  come out. He sees this not because he is a better pruner than I am, but because
  he has an overall sense of the forces at work in the garden. "

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