When diversity, dissent and responsibility lack

Below follow 1 historical fact and 2 experiments that show a fact quite unexpected and surprising.
Only 1  _small_ step separate even the best man to the monstrosity when

diversity, dissent and personal responsibility

are somehow insufficient, lacking.

They are listed just with the name and a link, while there exist a lot of other curious and interesting related material you are encouraged to search for:
  1. The third wave experiment by Ron Jones (article, documentary)
  2. Stanley Milgram’s experiment on obedience to authority (video)
  3. Stanford prison experiment (article, about the movie)
  4. The inventor Alexander Graham Bell was an active member and contributor of the eugenics movement in the United States (article)
This is the kind of evil that, like in modern warfare, you do not see the enemy face to face and so it gives you the excuse of the illusion that you are actually doing good.

In my opinion this can be the explanation of why functional environments, groups, teams and organizations endorse and encourage

open disagreement, accepted responsibility aligned with authority and diversity

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