Small steps Vs ongoing big changes

Scrum says: time-box & prioritize items to maximize value. In the release planning meeting, in the sprint planning meeting, at the stand-up meeting, every day during the sprint

Startup and Open source lessons and Agile Software Development suggest: release early, release often, and listen to your customers

eXtreme Programming principles: Baby Steps (to reduce risks and get early frequent feedback)  and Improvements (don't wait for perfection,don't leave behind you a mess)

Complexity Science suggests: strive for safe-fail experiments whose success can be highly valuable and whose failure can be very informative

Lean software development principles: Amplify Learning (with rapid try-it, test-it, fix-it feedback loops, short iterations and negotiable scope) and Release Often

And No! Continuous Improvement isn't an excuse to start ongoing big changes that add technical debt today with the promise to cleanup and finish "tomorrow".

No one said Agile would be easy, here some useful suggestion
- For Software Developers: The Mikado Method
- For Product Owners:
   - Twenty Ways to Split Stories
   - Patterns for Splitting User Stories
   - Story Splitting Cheat Sheet
   - New Story Splitting Resource

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