Self-organizing team, anzi self-reproductive


 Alcune frasi da un post su team che sanno auto-organizzarsi ... sostenersi ... perpetrarsi  grazie ai successi che raggiungono per se e per la propria azienda :


A new product development team, consisting of members with diverse backgrounds and temperaments is ... Given unconditional backing from the top ... engage in strategic initiatives that go beyond the current corporate domain ... often risk their reputation and sometimes their career to carry out their role as change agents for the organization at large.
Within the context of evolutionary theory, such a group is said to possess a self-reproductive capability.
Another study by Nonaka has shown that Japanese companies with a self-organizing characteristic tend to have higher performance records than others.

Chet Richards outlines the strategy of fighter pilot John Boyd:

* mutual trust, unity, and cohesion
* intuitive feel, especially for complex and potentially chaotic situations
* mission, generally considered a contract between superior and subordinate
* Any concept that provides focus and direction to the operation

 Il post con i riferimenti completi e i link al materiale citato é: Roots of Scrum: Takeuchi and Self-Organizing Teams


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