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Test Azure configuration change using local development environment

Azure applications, may have a set of parameters associated, this allows you to change your app configuration without having to redeploy the entire package (a long operation in any case). You can control how an application reacts to a parameter modification by subscribing RoleEnvironment.Changing event, if you want to restart the whole role when a parameter change you can simply set Cancel=true inside Changing event: RoleEnvironment.Changing += (s, e) => { ...

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How to programmatically change the number of Azure role instances

In my previous post I’ve shown how easy is to publish a web application to an Azure web role, a detail I’ve omitted is that among WebRole settings there’s the number of role instances you wish to activate:   As you increase this number, the number of VM created by Azure infrastructure and made available to load balancer increases and your “site” can satisfy a larger number or incoming...

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How to publish a Silverlight application to Windows Azure

Let’s suppose you have a working Silverlight app, how do I publish it to Windows Azure? well’ is indeed very easy (and this is good ) Once you have Azure 1.3 SDK installed, you can add a new Azure project to your solution: Press Ok and you’ll be asked what template you want to add since we already have a project and all we need is to host our Silverlight app inside an Azure WebRole, we just press Ok. Right click the Role folder inside Azure project and select: Add-> Web...

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Azure and CommunicationObjectFaultedException

If you’re experiencing problems when launching your application on Azure emulator (slow start, role not responding…) or finally a weird message like following one: you’ve just hit a common Azure issue: your web.config is not writable (maybe just because checked-in by your favorite source-control system) Just make it writable and enjoy your Azure debugging session. Technorati Tags: Azure

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How to inspect Azure package contents

Sometimes you need to inspect what’s inside an Azure package content (.cspkg file) before it gets published to the cloud because you need to be sure that some required assemblies are in maybe simply because you need to figure why your app doesn’t work when running from the cloud. A common case is when you use WCF RIA Services and you forget to include both System.ServiceModel.DomainServices.Hosting and System.ServiceModel.DomainServices.Server inside development package by marking both with CopyLocal=true (any data access related libraries must be included too BTW…) The trick to allow package inspection is to add...

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Azure e Oslo: Ecco i tools per Visual Studio 2008

Per quelli che non riescono a fare a meno di sviluppare qualcosa per il nuovo sistema operativo ( leggi : hosting distribuito) Azure annunciato oggi, ecco i tools per Visual Studio 2008. Se invece volete farvi un giro a Oslo, ecco tutto il necessario. Sarà, ma al momento preferisco rimanere sulla terra, sulle nuvole sperò di andarci fra mooolto tempo… Technorati Tags: Azure,Oslo

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