Intelligenza collettiva, altre definizioni 2°


Ancora altre descrizioni-definizioni di intelligenza collettiva raccolte dalla rete :

  • Collective intelligence , the most rigorous definition would require a capacity to respond to very arbitrary conditions without orders or guidance from "law" or "customers" that tightly constrain actions


  • Individuals who respect collective intelligence, say Atlee and Pór, are confident of their own abilities and recognize that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of any individual parts

    Maximizing collective intelligence relies on the ability of an organization to accept and develop "The Golden Suggestion", which is any potentially useful input from any member


  • Principals of group brillance

    • Flexible and responsive to changing organisational conditions and wider environments
    • Able to work with pressure, uncertainty and disagreement
    • Able to be self-organising and self-regulating
    • Maximise the strengths and creativity of each team member
    • Satisfies both organisational and individual needs

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