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Using C# code inside a Metro HTML application

Let’s say you’re working on a HTML Metro app and you’d like to reuse some C# code instead of rewriting, the good new is that you can, here’s how: Create a blank new WinJS application and add a div inside default.html page: <body> <div id="output"></div> </body> Now add a new C# library to WinJS solution: Change the output type of the library project to WinMD file   let’s add a couple of classes to C# library, we’re going to consume them from our HTML application: public sealed class Person { public Person(string name) ...

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WinRT pills: Where is MessageBox?

As most developers, my first test with a new technology begins with the good old “Hello World” sample and the same happened when I started digging into Metro/WinRT SDK, and you can imagine my face when I discovered that MessageBox class is no longer there. After a few second of panic :-) I placed a search on SDK and (relief) found that its indeed alive and kicking (even in a different form) inside Windows.UI.Popups namespace with a brand new name: MessageDialog So I started writing my first WinRT MessageDialog using this code: ...

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