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Debug a Windows Phone application invoked from a secondary tile

Adding a secondary tile that ‘deep links’ into your application is a trivial task and can be done in just a few lines of code… private void button1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e){ ShellTile tile = ShellTile.ActiveTiles.FirstOrDefault(x => x.NavigationUri.ToString() == "/Page2.xaml"); if (tile == null) { StandardTileData secondaryTile = new StandardTileData { Title = "My app", BackgroundImage...

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[WP7] Error 0x81030120 when deploying application to device

If you get error 0x81030120 when deploying an application to a Mango (7.5) device If might depend on presence on ID_CAP_INTEROPSERVICES capabilities inside application manifest, remove it and problem should gone. Technorati Tags: WP7

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Navigating to the same page in Windows Phone 7

The Windows Phone application I’m working on is made up of several list views where each item has quite similar detail views. In order to avoid duplicating views the idea was to create a single list page and use a sort of WPF’s DataTemplateSelector to select proper ItemTemplates so that same view can appear completely different to the final user. The idea works like a charm like navigation from list to detail page too apart a little problem arised when I encountered a special case: When an item is selected, instead of navigating to Item’s detail I need to navigate...

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Recensione: Sviluppare Applicazioni per Windows Phone

Ieri sera ho dedicato un po’ di tempo ad una piacevole sorpresa ricevuta in mattinata: L’ultima fatica letteraria degli amici di ASPItalia: Daniele Bochicchio, Marco Leoncini, Alessio Leoncini, Cristian Civera e Marco de Sanctis (in rigoroso ordine casuale…) dal titolo “Sviluppare applicazioni per Windows Phone” Ogni volta che leggo dell’inizio di un loro nuovo libro la domanda che mi pongo è sempre la stessa? “Ma dove lo trovano il tempo?”,; evidentemente hanno trovato una formula segreta perchè ogni volta riescono nel loro intento ovvero condividere la loro conoscenza e (sopratutto)  esperienza spesso su nuove come, ad esempio, Windows...

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Using Local Database in WP7-Mango

If you’re a  Windows Phone 7  developer you’ll probably know that with ‘Mango’ it is now possible to persist data using a local database based on SQL Server CE  whose data files are stored inside isolated storage, this is a quick overview of how to save and load data on a Windows Phone 7.1 application. First of all, if you, like me, gave Linq2Sql a change when it came out you’ll probably happy to know that your investment has gone totally lost from Entity Framework advent since all database interaction is based on  Linq2Sql. In...

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SystemTray in WP7-Mango

Jaime Rodriguez in this post describes some new features of the SystemTray class in upcoming WP7 Mango release, I won’t repeat them since Jaime’s post is quite explanatory, I’ve instead investigated more the “Progress” feature mentioned on that post. Here’s how I’ve configured my SystemTray on MainPage.xaml: <phone:PhoneApplicationPage x:Class="SystemTrayBackground.MainPage" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation" ...

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WP7 Factor: Dov'è la tua app?

WP7 Factor è il concorso indetto da Microsoft Italia che oltre a mettere in risalto le vostre applicazioni Windows Phone 7 vi fa vincere uno Zune Pass a settimana e, ad Aprile 2011, un buono acquisto da 3000 euro e 2 da 1000 euro. Aprile è ormai vicino e sono sicuro che parecchi di voi hanno sviluppato app interessanti che meritano di essere premiate, quindi: cosa aspettate? pubblicate la vostra app e segnalatela all’indirizzo wp7factor[@]ugidotnet.org Perchè vi invito a farlo? perchè faccio parte della giuria che selezionerà I vincitori finali e premiare un membro di...

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Beware of .cache files on IsolatedStorage

Today I lost some time trying to figure out why my Windows Phone 7 application settings got lost as soon as the application was restarted. After several tests have concluded that the offending code was following one, which, at startup, deletes some “*.cache” files used by the application to store some temporary information. private void ClearCache(){ string[] cacheFiles = this.store.GetFileNames("*.cache"); foreach (string cacheFile in cacheFiles) { this.Delete(cacheFile); }} Everything looks ok, except that the application settings are stored in a file called “__ApplicationSettings.cache” and so they were...

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Playing multiple sounds in Windows Phone

Sometimes you might need to play multiple sounds at once (games are just one example) and as stated into documentation here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff426928(VS.96).aspx you can have only one MediaElement on a page, so: how do I play multiple sounds at the same time? If you can afford to use plain 16 bit mono wav files you can use XNA’s SoundEffect class in just a few steps: Add a project reference to Microsoft.Xna.Framework assembly. Add the wav files to your project using Content as default build action (don’t forget that Resource is a load time performance...

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OrientationChange event on Windows Phone Emulator

When using the Windows Phone emulator pressing the Pause button activates the hardware keyboard that you can use in place of the on-screen keyboard emulator to interact with the application. A little-known detail is that if you turn on this feature the OrientationChange event is no longer generated until you restore the software keyboard back (this is by design) This detail has made me spend a moment of panic yesterday so I wanted to share it. Technorati Tags: Windows Phone,OrientationChangedEvent

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