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Silverlight applications on High DPI setting

If your out-of-browser application runs fine on 96 DPI machines while it scales out when installed on higher DPI ones you can easily fix it by using following line at startup: Application.Current.Host.Settings.EnableAutoZoom = false; This will disable scaling and you app will look fine on any zoom setting. Technorati Tags: Silverlight,EnableAutoZoom

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Lap around Silverlight 5 @ Community Tour New Wave

  Ho appena terminato slides e demo della mia sessione al prossimo WorkShop Community Tour New wave di martedi prossimo, analizzando le novità in dettaglio devo dire che di cose interessanti in Silverlight 5 ce ne sono  parecchie. Se siete interessati ad una visione della nuova versione meno scenografica rispetto a MIX11 e più “sul pezzo” allora ci vediamo Martedì 3 Maggio per vedere cosa ci riserva questa nuova release , se poi non siete interessati a Silverlight l’agenda è comunque ricca di argomenti interessanti da HTML5 a WCF vNext passando per il mondo Mobile/Tablet. ...

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Prevent XAP Caching in IE9

I never got troubles debugging Silverlight applications using IE8 but after upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 I started getting debugging issues. After a short investigation I realized that problem was caused by IE9 loading the xap from browser cache instead of web server and this causes source code being out-of-sync with what is loaded in memory. Cleaning the cache was not a solution for me but finally found a working solution. Go to IE9 –> Tools –> Internet Options –> General Tab –> Browsing History – > Settings Button Change...

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