A detta di Rob, a breve potremo scaricare la nuova CTP di Team Foundation Server e Team System. Ecco le modifiche più importanti

Team Projects & Portal Sites

  • Improved error reporting, and rollback/deletion of a project that wasn’t successfully created.
  • Windows SharePoint Services site templates are now built on the standard Windows SharePoint Services site definition instead of our own custom site definition, so they’re a little more stable (there were a number of Beta 2 issues around this).

Team Explorer

  • Enhanced copy behavior.
  • Can open files read-only, or for edit (it used to be only for edit).  Read-only is now the default.
  • More Process Guidance launch points.
  • Improved sync between Solution Explorer and Team Explorer.

Team Foundation Version Control

  • Team Foundation Server (proxy) for optimization of distributed team scenarios.
  • Improvements to the “resolve conflicts” user experience.
  • New option on the Shelve dialog box to "Evaluate policies and check-in notes before shelving".

Team Foundation Work Item Tracking

  • You don’t have to wait 30 mins for security and classification changes to sync.
  • All the fields can now be localized, including system fields.
  • You can delete fields.
  • When editing work item types, WITImport will prevent you from renaming fields in use elsewhere by accident. 


  • Renamed and trimmed down the elements of the data warehouse cube.
  • Restructured the cube to facilitate analyzing information from across Team System components.
  • Re-authored MSF for Agile Software Development reports to work with the new cube structure.
  • Added most reports that will be present for RTM.

Microsoft Office 2003 Integration

  • Many performance improvements.
  • You can round-trip long text fields between Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and Team Foundation Server.
  • You can link a list object to a query in Microsoft Office Excel 2003.

Aggiungerei anche una nota sul sottosistema: è stato tolto ADAM (finalmente!!)