XP Days Benelux 2011, what lessons I've learned and I'll reuse

One of the best Agile Conference of the year as usual, XP Days Benelux.

What I've learned and I will try to apply ?
I should answer this question and log the answer for every conference I attend.

Overall I met two ideas cross different sessions:
  • focus on understanding the problem before rushing to search for a solution
  • don't relay only to intuition to find a solution. look at data and do experiments

A War Story of the Rise and Fall of an "Agile" Company
  • Focus on understanding the problem
  • A criteria to check if the problem is understood: "if I can't draw the problem, I didn't understand it !"
  • Another criteria to check if the problem is understood:describe it as you understood it and check that's right
  • Create events for voluntary learning, followed by training --> workshops --> individual coaching 

Lean Startups: what happens before iteration 0?
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Startup is a temporary organization with purpose to search for a repeatable and scalable business model - S. Blank
  • Problem-solution interview with real customer (i.e. are you willing to pay xxx to have yyy?)
  • Hypothesis-Experiments-Pivot or Preserve
  • "Fake your product" for fast experiments (UX mock-up is not always enough ...)

Crucial Confrontations
  • Helpful tools:
    • content / pattern / relationship
    • unbundling consequences and intentions

Innovation Needs Waste!
  • Useful waste (useful variations, useful redundancy, safe-fail experiments and exploitation of the unknowns)
  • Incremental interdisiplinary approach to envision innovative successful products
  • 6-5-3 brainstorming technique (6 people, 5 ideas each, 3 minutes each iteration)
  • Divergent thinking

Change, Change, Change!

Back to the future, (Re)Learn Smalltalk
  • SUnit, the first unit test framework where unit testing was invented, in SmallTalk
  • Seaside web framework
  • Remembered some syntax that I forgot (assignment, identity comparison, identity comparison, not equal, accessors) and some syntax I need to look again (parametric constructors)

TDD with Mock Objects: Design Principles and Emerging Properties
This is my  speech,  ideas that I tried to show and hope to make them stick
  • All the different meaning and implementations of TDD: from person to person, from team to team
  • Concepts that need to be general and abstract like SOLID need something to bridge the gap with the practice
  • People do matter when we are talking about coding/engineering practice intended for people
  • The relation between design and TDD with mocks
  • Learning design from TDD as a co-evolution process
  • GOOS testing

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