[Spring.NET] rilasciata la 1.1 M1

direttamente dalla homepage di Spring, si annuncia il rilascio della 1.1 milestone 1.

Ecco la release note:

  • NUnit Integration:  Aids in writing integration tests. Configuration of test cases via dependency injection and automatic transaction rollback
  • NHibernate 1.0/1.2 Integration:  Simplify use of NHibernate and participation in Spring's declarative management
  • ASP.NET AJAX Integration:  Export 'plain .NET objects' as web service, configure and apply aspects to them, and then expose inside client side Javascript.
  • Transaction and AOP XML namespaces to simplify configuration.
  • AOP support for methods with out/ref parameters.
  • Property placeholder replacement from multiple source locations such as registry, command line, .NET 2.0 connection string sections, and environment variables.
  • Sample NHibernate application.  

Le novità sono una più bella dell'altra...
E qui il download.

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