Rilasciati aggiornamenti per Mono

Ecco le novità:

# Stable: Mono 1.0.2 is a service update to the Mono 1.0.xx series and only contains bug fixes over the last Mono 1.0.1 release. You can read the release notes or go directly to the downloads page. This release is inteded for folks using Mono for production systems. The 1.0.2 release also includes new versions of Gtk#, the Mono Documentation and improved versions of XSP and mod_mono for those using ASP.NET.

# Development: Mono 1.1.1. This is the first release of the development branch of Mono and includes many new features, ports to new platforms, a 64-bit VM for 64-bit systems and performance has increased dramatically. For the details on all the new features, see the release notes Only the Runtime, class libraries and the supporting libgdiplus are new. Every other package can be used from the 1.0.2 branch (Gtk#, monodoc, xsp, mod_mono).

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