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Rilasciato Paint.NET 3.08 beta

E' stata rilasciata ieri la versione 3.08 beta di Paint.NET. Si tratta essenzialmente di una bug-fixing release:

  • Fixed: Pasting an image from Office 2003 applications now works (e.g. Excel 2003 graphs).
  • Fixed: Some dialogs were not indicating which command button was the default. These buttons now have a highlight to indicate which one will be activated if the user presses Enter or Space.
  • Fixed: Some minor keyboard navigation issues with task dialogs
  • Fixed: Performance issue with the File->Acquire submenu taking a long time to appear
  • Fixed: Window activation issue when the Print wizard was finished / closed
  • Fixed: Crash when there was 1 image open and the user pressed Ctrl+Q and then Ctrl+W
  • Fixed: Minor performance issue if the user had 1 modified image open and then canceled the "Save changes?" dialog
  • Fixed: Misbehaving filetype factory implementations (plugins) will no longer cause a crash

Il download è disponibile qui.

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