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BlogEngine.NET is for anyone, but designed specifically to .NET developers that like to push software further than intended. BlogEngine.NET may be the simplest and most light weight ASP.NET blog at the moment, but still full featured. Here are some of the features:

  1. Multi-author support
  2. Pingbacks and trackbacks
  3. Event based for plug-in writers
  4. Theming directly in master pages and user controls
  5. Gravatar and coComments implemented
  6. Live preview on commenting
  7. Full editing and creation of pages that are not posts
  8. Extended search capabilities
  9. Tag cloud
  10. Self updating blogroll
  11. Runs entirely on XML. No database needed

Questo nuovo blog engine √® realizzato in C# e viene distribuito con la Microsoft Permissive License. Per maggiori dettagli e per il download fare clic qui.

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# re: BlogEngine.NET

grazie mille x la segnalazione
06/04/2007 14:25 | Carlo Bertini

# re: BlogEngine.NET

Di nulla, sono contento di esserti stato utile!
06/04/2007 18:56 | Marco Minerva

# re: BlogEngine.NET

ora anche su CodePlex
10/04/2007 12:04 | marco.ragogna

# re: BlogEngine.NET
10/04/2007 12:04 | marco.ragogna

# re: BlogEngine.NET

Grazie per la segnalazione! Direi che l'annuncio merita un nuovo post sul blog! In questi giorni mi sono divertito a fare qualche test, mi sembra un tool molto valido!
10/04/2007 13:55 | Marco Minerva

# BlogEngine.NET approda su CodePlex

10/04/2007 14:00 | Around and About .NET World

# BlogEngine.NET approda su CodePlex

24/05/2007 19:10 | Around and About .NET World
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