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BitTorrent con C#

BitSharp is the product of Googles Summer of Code 2006. It is a complete BitTorrent suite of libraries which can be embedded in an application. The suite contains:

  1. Client Library - Allows the uploading/downloading of torrents.
  2. Tracker Library - Allows the hosting of .torrents.
  3. Torrent Creator - Allows the creation and editing of .torrent files.

All of these libraries were written with Mono in mind. As a result these libraries will function on any operating system that supports either the Microsoft .NET Framework or Mono Framework, be it Windows, Linux, MacOs or other.

Il sito del progetto è Attualmente è possibile scaricare la libreria solo attraverso SVN.

Print | posted on martedì 20 febbraio 2007 19:34 | Filed Under [ C# ]



# re: BitTorrent con C#

Please send me url to download the source code of this project.
07/12/2007 07:41 | umesh
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