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Sandcastle November 2006 CTP

Mi era sfuggito... Da qualche giorno è disponibile la CTP di Novembre 2006 di Sandcastle:

What's new in this version:

  1. Support for the following nDoc custom tags:
    1. overloads
    2. preliminary
    3. threadsafety
    4. note
  2. Generating Friendly HTM names (A new transform "AddFriendlyFilenames.xsl" has been provided)
  3. Exclude (Ripping) Namespace, types and members (Configured through MrefBuilder.config)
  4. VS 2005 transforms support for FireFox

Changes in this version:

1.    Moved cpref_reflection folder from Examples to Data directory

2.    Consistent versioning (2.2.00) of all assemblies and executables in ProductionTools folder

3.    All assemblies and executable are now under a flat structure in ProductionTools folder

4.    Updated Sandcastle.config files for Prototype and VS2005 to reflect the above changes

Issues Fixed in this Version:

  1. Modify config files to make sure the assembly and reflection data is correct
  2. VS2005 style and other minor isssues.
  3. Common documentation for overloaded methods
  4. Generate freindly HTM names from Sandcastle
  5. System.NullReferenceException related to interface implementation
  6. Support custom tags in Sandcastle
  7. Mrefbuilder incorrectly lists parameter type for generic class
  8. Bug in mshelp: link keyowrd prevending Sandcastle generated HxS integration in Visual Studio

Tutti i dettagli sono disponibili sul blog di Sandcastle. Per il download, fare clic qui. Il programma Sandcastle Help File Builder è stato aggiornato poco dopo per supportare tutte le feature della nuova versione. Il download è disponibile su CodePlex a questo indirizzo.

Print | posted on venerdì 17 novembre 2006 18:21 | Filed Under [ C# VB .NET Updates & Service Pack ]

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