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Preferisci lavorare su progetti sempre nuovi o migliorarne uno esistente?

Dal post My Last Day Before Starting A New Career del blog di Phil Haack:

I often talked about the idea that there are two general types of developers (I’m sure there are many more).

  1. Developers who are easily bored and love to learn about new businesses and business models. Staying on one project forever would cause these devs to go insane. They love the excitement of jumping from client to client and project to project.
  2. Developers who love to craft and hone a single code-base through multiple versions. These devs are fine sticking with a project for a long time and get enjoyment in watching the application take form over the years.

Io mi sento di appartenere alla prima categoria, diciamo che ogni due o tre anni mi piace lavorare su un progetto nuovo.

E voi?

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