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I Tempi che furono....

Ancora per poco, sfogliando l'msdn alla voce "Visual c++ Compiler Options: /Z7, /Zd, /Zi, /ZI (Debug Information Format)" possiamo trovare:

/ZI:  "Produces a program database, as described above, in a format that supports the Edit and Continue feature. If you want to use Edit and Continue debugging, you must use this option. Because most optimizations are incompatible with Edit and Continue, using /ZI disables any #pragma optimize statements in your code.

/ZI causes /Gy to be used in your compilation.

/ZI is not compatible with /clr."

Sarà ancora così anche x il CLR 2.0? C# 2.0 ha ceduto, non ci resta che sperare ancora nel nuovo c++ managed:D

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