AS400 and Database, finally i will show you how to build and work with Database on an AS400 system, but retreiving data in NET.

This article should be a guide for users that need to build application in under windows system but need to read external data,in this case on AS400 system. In first time i will show you how to build a database on AS400 and how to work with it. In second i will show you the two NET Provider builded by IBM for Windows Developer.

IBM produces an useful software called Client Access that allow users to view a simulation of AS400 O.S. On a windows machine. A the moment we can find more than one version. There are the 5.5 that uses OLEDB IBMDA400 and the version 5.7 that use a new Ado.Net class the IBM.DATA.DB2.iSeries. If wnat to be crazy you can use also Telnet 5270.