Web Development Helper

Un interessante tool per Internet Explorer (ma c'è anche la versione per Firefox anche se ancora non l'ho provata) dedicato a tutti gli sviluppatori web. Le feature sono infatti molto interessati:

  • A warning when either debug or trace have been turned on.
  • Ability to hide trace information from the page, and view it in a separate dialog, so it does not get in the way of your page's layout.
  • Ability to view the page's view state (in various forms: raw, parsed, and decoded) to help you optimize your state management logic.
  • Ability to view items stored in cache, and remove them for testing purposes.
  • Ability to shutdown the application (unloading the associated appdomain), in order to test starting it from a clean state.
  • Ability to log all HTTP (and HTTPS) traffic between the browser and your server, and view request and response details.
  • Ability to view the live HTML DOM using a DOM Inspector that allows viewing all elements, selected elements, or elements matching ID or CSS class. For each element, you can see the markup, attributes, and style attributes.
  • Ability to view rich error information for script errors (full call stack, script URL and line number), as well as a script immediate window to execute some script against the current document.


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