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Controlli ASP .NET

This free ThemeSwitcher control allows the user to choose one of the available themes (ASP.NET 2.0). The theme is applied automatically to all ASP.NET pages in the web site, and is made persistent through the use of a cookie.

This control imitates MSN Messenger alert, but it is designed for use in a web page. Graphical appearance of this control can be completely changed by using one of predefined styles or by modifying all colors used on the control. Control supports Drag&Drop, so user can move control on the page, where he wants.

CAPTCHA is short for "completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart", and is the most popular technique used to prevent computer programs from sending automated requests to Web servers.

a control that provides a visual representation of a tab bar that could be configured to be page aware or agnostic, integrates with the built-in ASP.NET roles API, has designer support, supports viewstate serialization, and could be easily manipulated programmatically.

Fonte: l'inimitabile Code Project .

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# re: Controlli ASP .NET

Segnalo un altro controllo CAPTCHA per ASP.NET 2.0:
09/10/2006 20:41 | Matteo
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