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Disponibile la fix per il blocco dell'IDE di C# in VS2005

Frans l'ha scoperta e ora ci dice che รจ disponibile la fix... con il solito panico di doverla richiedere al PSS...

Right before the launch of Visual Studio.NET 2005 I reported about a hang of the C# IDE while you were typing code. The hotfix is now available through Microsoft's PSS, and the KB article can be found under this link:;en-us;910832

This isn't a publically available fix, you have to call PSS to obtain it. Personally I don't understand why Microsoft still tortures its customers to go through this overhead to obtain a fix: the customer first has to explain everything to the PSS employee, then the customer will receive a URL, then the customer has to go to that URL to download the hotfix. Why not cut out the hassle with calling PSS, explaining what's the problem and let the customer download the darn hotfix by themselves? We're all adults here, the customer can perfectly decide what to do and what not to do, IMHO. Because, the time the customer spends on this is often not 'free' and often the time period between initial finding the hotfix KB article and actually obtaining the hotfix .exe is quite long, especially when you're outside the US.

Now, before you start babbling about legal issues and other irrelevant nonsense, take a moment and go to and type in 'Fix' and just select 'All' products. You would expect 0 results, right? No, you get a lot of results back. A lot of them are intermediate releases, non-security related fixes. Why are those released to the public and others aren't?

I mean: who decides if a fix should become a public fix or a fix to obtain through PSS? It's not as if a customer is denied to obtain this particular fix, as it's a bug, a fix is there, so no support calls are charged, there's just overhead: the customer has to spend precious time waiting for the fix for no reason at all, and PSS has to perform actions which are completely irrelevant: the customer will get the fix anyway.

I also wonder how much progress Microsoft has made with that central place where known issues of VS.NET 2005/.NET 2.0 are listed...

Fonte: Fix for VS.NET 2005 C# IDE hang is now available (through PSS)

Print | posted on domenica 11 dicembre 2005 16:25 |

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