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Buono a sapersi... WSUS on web server breaks No Touch Deployment application

Anche se uso raramente il NoTouch Deployment...

After installing WSUS on a web server, our No Touch Deployment application quit working.  We started getting a System.IO.FileNotFoundException exception when trying to retrieve an exe file from the web server.

After weeks and weeks of working with Microsoft on this they finally figured out why.

"the problem is WSUS turns on compression on the web server. There is a known bug with VS.NET Framework that dependent assemblies fail to download when compression is enabled on the server. This bug with compression has been fixed in the beta of next version of VS.NET.

The workaround is to turn off the compression. Greg might be able to provide more insight on if we can turn off compression with WSUS and what happens if we do that.

The other option is on the client machines you can go to IE->Tools->Internet Options->Advanced->Uncheck Use HTTP 1.1 and Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections.

This works as HTTP 1.0 doesn't support compression. "

Source: WSUS on web server breaks No Touch Deployment application

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