I think that no developer on earth today is not aware that yesterday Steven Sinofsky introduced a sneak peek of Windows 8 new user interface, in case you’re one of those, here’s some references:





    After seeing this, as Silverlight developer you might think? hey man? so the future will be dominated by JavaScript and HTML5?

    Based on what was said it might sound true but, does anyone mentioned “Silverlight won’t run on Windows 8”?

    I have no more info than you on this but, after many year in big announcements I started using the approach “believe on what is said and not on what is was not”.
    I spent the day reading all kind of speculations on this eternal HTML5 vs. Silverlight war and for a moment I relieved the VB vs. C# fighting (BTW: Shouldn’t VB be blown away by the C# tornado?) and I’m frankly getting bored, of course HTML5 is there but do you really think that all your investments should be thrown away and go back to a procedural “naïve” language like  Javascript? (I beg pardon to JS fans for this affirmation…).
    Will HTML5 be the only language for Windows 8? I don’t know but I *personally* think no, but we’ll probably know the answer during the forthcoming http://www.buildwindows.com/ conference.

    I really like the honest opinion on Marco Russo’s post, I totally agree with his point of view

    For the moment I really likes what I’ve seen and, if this post will be denied and future will be only HTML5 I don’t care, just give me the right tools and I’ll use that, finally they’re just a bunch of angle brackets either…

    BTW: The most hilarious comment I’ve read today was: “Wow - that's the best looking Flash prototype I've seen in a while!” maybe someone can refute? :-)

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