Ecco perche' MSF Agile non e' "Agile"

Nuova puntata della faccenda. Questa volta e' Ken Schwaber (padre di Scrum) a riassumere i suoi dubbi sull'Agilita' di MSF Agile:

"[MSF Agile] defines roles within the development team, so it isn’t cross-functional. It tells the team what to do, so it misses self-management. It defines what steps to take, so it isn’t empirical. It has increments that aren’t potentially shippable, so it isn’t lean. Lots of artifacts and no emerging list of requirements and architecture, so it is wasteful and not lean/agile.

MSF Agile was developed by several people that have aren’t very practiced in Agile working with EDS and Accenture, neither of which have any experience in Agile. They appear to have read the manifesto and seen how they could shoehorn their old waterfall processes into it so they could call it Agile. It is a disgrace to those who were engaged in this activity, and to our profession."

Avanti il prossimo ;-)

Come giustamente Lawrence mi fa notare ho dimenticato di linkare il post: e visto che il nome nel subject era sbagliato e io l'ho corretto nel mio reply esso non appare nel thread su yahoo quindi lo linko direttamente: :-D [edit]

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