OLAP Analyzer

Analyzer è un tool gratuito per potersi avvicinare ad MDX (e quindi al mondo OLAP, posto che abbiate dei cubi sulla quale lavorare), ma anche un ottimo client stand-alone:


In sentesi, prendendo il testo direttamente dal sito:

"The Analyzer is the user friendly freeware reporting and analysis tool. It provides access to online analytical processing (OLAP) databases such as Microsoft Analysis Services. With no programming or training needed, you can explore and analyze your business data from any angle, in any combination. Below are just some of the many features you will find in Analyzer:

  • Easy to use Excel like Pivot Table with drag and drop interface.
  • Pivot Chart lets view and analyze data relationships graphically.
  • Easy drill-down, hiding members, filtering, sorting etc.
  • Effective work with lage dimensions. "

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Left by Mario Duzioni at 05/05/2005 03:29
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