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Windows Vista e WinRAR... Atto terzo

Oggi è stata resa disponibile la Beta 2 della versione 3.70 di WinRAR. Per il download, fare clic qui. Considerando il poco tempo che è passato dal rilascio della prima beta, la versione definitiva dovrebbe uscire a giorni...

Le novità di questa versione sono le seguenti:

   1. Positions of "Mode" and "Cancel" buttons in archiving dialog have been exchanged.
   2. Bugs corrected:
      a) beta 1 could truncate names of files decompressed from ISO 9660 archives by one character;
      b) progress bars in archive conversion window did not work correctly with "Windows progress bars" option turned on;
      c) "Load WinRAR settings from" dialog did not displayed if settings.reg was not present in %appdata%\WinRAR folder.

La versione Beta 1 aveva già apportato alcune modifiche per migliorare l'integrazione con Windows Vista:

      a) help format changed from old HLP to newer HTML based CHM;
      b) GUI self-extracting modules attempt to request for
         administrator permissions if they cannot create destination
         folder under current user account;
      c) Log file rar.log and WinRAR theme files are stored in %APPDATA%\WinRAR folder instead of WinRAR program files folder. Exported settings file settings.reg is also stored in %APPDATA%\WinRAR folder by default, but it is possible to select another folder in "Save WinRAR settings" and "Load WinRAR settings" dialogs. WinRAR searches for registration key and settings.reg both in its program files folder and in %APPDATA%\WinRAR;
      d) Vista compatibility changes in WinRAR shell integration.

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