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TFS2008: non serve più la CAL per inserire/visualizzare/aggiornare i PROPRI Work Item

Anche io lo sapevo da un po'... e dovevo tenere la bocca chiusa. Ma ora è ufficiale!!!

I’ve known about this for a little while, but it’s now confirmed in the public domain on the MSDN forums by Kevin Kelly, Product Manager, Team Foundation Server.

From the 2008 EULA for TFS:

You do not need a CAL to access work item tracking functionality to create new work items, or view and update work items you opened.

The principal restriction…if you do not have a CAL you may only access work items you have opened/created.  You cannot execute a query that returns any work items created by others.  You may open any type of work item the Team Project supports.

That means you can now put up a website, or integrate it into your error handling that allows your customers to submit bugs directly to TFS, without having to buy a CAL for them, or an External Connector License.

There’s now no-excuse for using something other than TFS to track bugs.

Confermo le parole di Grant: non ci sono più scuse per non usare TFS per tracciare bug, richieste, etc...


Fonte: TFS2008 Work Item Licensing change

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